Dining Rooms


The Restaurant Area

Warm, comfortable and cosy,  The restaurant is situated adjacent to the bar area.

Ideal for family occasions or sharing an intimate meal, the room can also be laid out for parties and larger occasions such as weddings, family gatherings  and special events.

The restaurant provides fine dining in Brighton and Sussex in the relaxed atmosphere of a country pub.

best place to eat in brighton

best places to eat in brighton

The Barn

With a more rustic feel, the Barn is ideal for parties and functions. Separated from the main bar and with plenty of space, the tables can be laid out for groups or in a banqueting style.

Great for weddings, team gatherings or office celebrations, where larger groups can enjoy good company with excellent food and drinks.

Perfect for any occasion where the order of the day is fun and relaxation.

best place to eat in brighton