Beer is Good – It’s Official!

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It’s the news we’ve all been waiting for, and confirms what many of us have been saying all along – a couple of pints a day really is good for you. “Mens Health” magazine recently published an article that brings together the findings of several scientific studies – conducted by respected institutions who employed real, actual scientists – and the conclusions couldn’t be more life affirming for the male population of Sussex. The key findings are:

sussex pubs 1. Keep your Heart Healthy.

We often hear about how wine is good for the heart, but beer may also be just as good for your aortic plumbing.  An Italian team of researchers found that moderate beer drinkers had a 42 percent lower risk of heart disease compared to non-drinkers. Although this was based on 1 pint a day, it’s an encouraging start.

 2. Exercise the Grey Matter.

While it’s obvious that drinking beer won’t make you smarter (a glance around the bar at 10 O’Clock on any Saturday night will confirm this) it can boost your creativity. According to a study carried out and published in the journal Consciousness and Cognition, when 40 men watched a movie while completing verbal puzzles, slightly sozzled men with a blood alcohol content of .075 solved the problems a few seconds faster than their sober counterparts.

 3. Hold Type 2 Diabetes at Bay.

A team of Dutch researchers analyzed 38,000 male health professionals.  They identified men who weren’t normally drinkers and noted that when they did start drinking moderately, after 4 years they were significantly less likely to be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Interestingly, men who were already moderate drinkers who also increased their regular intake didn’t show any reduction in risk.  So the message is stick to a couple a day to see the benefits.

 4. Be kind to your kidneys.

Researchers in Finland found that each bottle of beer a man drinks daily lowers his risk of developing kidney stones by 40 percent. While the researchers couldn’t identify a medical reason for this, they think it’s probably just the volume of liquid flushing through the kidneys that removes any mineral deposits that can form into stones.

 5. Recover Faster.

For those who still like to class having to park 100 yards up the hill and then hiking in to the bar as a workout, a Spanish study has shown that a swift half can actually aid in post-exercise recovery. The researchers asked students to exercise until their body temperature reached 104 degrees F, and then had them rehydrate with either beer or water. The lucky ones who were given a beer were slightly more hydrated.  So you can let your partner know that hitting the bar with the lads after a the match is done so on medical advice.

 6. Boost Your Self Confidence.

This one will come as no surprise, but British researchers have found the more drinks people consumed, the more attractive they found themselves. To prove the point that it is, in fact, not just the alcohol talking, in a second study the researchers asked participants to give a speech after having a drink.  Not all of the speakers were actually given an alcoholic drink, they just thought they were.  When asked how good-looking, smart, and funny they felt they were while giving their talk, they all gave themselves more positive self-evaluations—regardless of whether or not had imbibed any alcohol.

 7. Keep Your Vision Clear.

real ales in SussexCanadian researchers have found that a single beer a day, particularly lager or stout, increases antioxidant activity that can stop cataracts from forming in the eyes. The down side – the same researchers found that 3 beers a day reverses the effect.

 8. Lower your Blood Pressure.

Several studies have shown that Beer can lower your risk for hypertension. Harvard researchers found that moderate beer drinkers are less likely to develop high Blood Pressure than those who sip wine or cocktails.

 9. Fight off infection

A study by the Oregon Health & Science University suggests that one or two drinks a day can boost your immune system. The study involved scientists vaccinating monkeys against smallpox.  They then gave some of the primates access to alcohol and the others plain sugar water. The monkeys who drank moderately had a better vaccine response than those who consumed the sugar. However, the animals who drank a lot didn’t respond so well.

10. Prevent a Breaking Bone

According to a study at Tufts University, men who drank one or two pints a day had up to a 4.5 percent greater bone density than non-drinkers.  More than two beers was associated with up to 5.2 percent lower density. So there you have it guys – all the evidence you need to make a trip to the bar part of your regular routine.  Of course this only works for moderate consumption – but that’s always the best place to start. For full details of the Men Health Article, visit:

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